In this together…

By Angus M

May 15, 2020


It’s been a crazy and rather overwhelming series of weeks for us all recently, especially for the hospitality industry. However, this is also the time for us to work together, and we at Benson are working hard to play our part.

Benson will be free up until at least the end of September 2020. You don’t need to check your Inbox for an invoice from us for a while, as you won’t find one! We know this won’t completely ease the financial burden during this extraordinary time but we hope it will help a little bit. We are also using this time to explore establishing a referral program. If you love Benson and all it has to offer, spread the word and you’ll get the system for free for a while. Spread the word far & it could be a long time before you ever pay for it again!

Use Benson to optimise your operations so business returns to normal as soon as possible. We’re in touch with all our clients to review how they use Benson and what recent developments they can benefit from. There is no better a time to go through the system and use us to help you understand its potential.

We will ride this out together…

Angus & James (Co-Founders)

Let us demonstrate what Benson hotel management software can do for your hotel.