Benson was born from within the hotel industry.

In 2014 James Peech, founder of The Peech Hotel in Johannesburg, was disillusioned with his old and out-dated property management system. He started the search for a new system that could take his hotel forward and embrace the developments in technology that he felt it needed. He wanted to be an early adopter, but his search for the right system proved fruitless.

He and Angus Moir, CEO of a flourishing software development company, met fortuitously, and the idea to create Benson was born.

As experts in their respective fields, Angus and James have built Benson to meet their specific needs – and therefore yours, too. Benson has been designed as a hotelier’s “best employee”, doing the hard work and making your life easier and simpler, so that you can focus on taking care of your guests.

We never rest on our laurels though. We’re always tweaking and improving Benson, living by the mantra that good design never stands still.

The people behind Benson

James is a Brit by birth but don't hold that against him! Following a career in advertising in London, James left the UK in the early 2000s, arrived in Johannesburg and founded The Peech Hotel, today one of the city’s leading boutique hotels. One day he sat down and thought how he could have his hotel run better. Benson was born!
Despite studying Finance and Economics, Angus has spent his whole career in IT and software development. He's passionate about the way truly good systems can improve people's lives.
Brent loves coffee, coding and kite surfing. He’s just about to complete a BSc computer science degree and has seven years of solid full stack development experience. He loves trying new things and seeing how the world changes and evolves.
Julia has a social sciences and Chinese language degree (as well as a mathematics degree), and now spends her time figuring out how to build better software. In her spare time you’ll find her at the gym, creating music or exploring the sights and tastes of South Africa.
A tea drinking, digital designer, obsessed with pixel perfection. When Grant isn’t hard at work, you can find him surfing on the West Coast or spending time with his family.
Marion is the engine behind Benson. She looks after the company and ensures that we are compliant and running smoothly.

Let us demonstrate what Benson hotel management software can do for your hotel.