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Benson is integrated with the best channel managers and data processors on the market.


SiteMinder is the industry’s leading  channel manager – creating a one real-time connection between Benson and 250+ channels. Benson Software supports a complete two-way integration of bookings with SiteMinder. Read more:



iKentoo is the most advanced iPad-based Point of Sale on the market for the hospitality industry. Developed in Switzerland it offers an all in one solution for restaurants and bars. Benson Software is integrated with iKentoo and allows bills to be posted from the iKentoo system directly into a guest’s bill on Benson. Read more:



Nightsbridge is Africa’s leading realtime booking platform. It connects small hotels and guest houses with live availability to the world’s top websites and Africa’s top travel agents. Benson Software has a full integration with the Nightsbridge system so bookings arrive seamlessly and availability is kept up to date. Read more:


File Pounder

File Pounder is an integration platform that facilitates the migration of data between different systems. They can make the moving of reservations and client data between an old PMS system and Benson Software an easy task. Read more:

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