Choose Your Pricing Plan

One price where everything’s included


Is there a minimum commitment or can I cancel at any time?

There is no minimum commitment, and you can cancel your plan at any time. We won’t charge a cancellation fee and we won’t ask you to sign a contract. All you need to do is to notify us and we’ll stop billing you immediately.

If I add more rooms to my property do I need to notify you?

We’ll pick up that you’ve added  new rooms and will adjust your billing from the following month. If you are on an annual plan we’ll charge you the difference once the new rooms are active.

Do I pay during my on boarding & training period?

There is no charge for using Benson while you are training your staff and on-boarding your information. We’ll only charge you once your property goes ‘live’ and you start operating the day-to-day activity of your property through Benson.