Choose your PMS by its integrations

By James P

September 04, 2019

There is much hype in the press these days about the impact of technology on the hotel industry. If you believe all you read there is technology for pretty much every task a hotelier could imagine. Whilst some developments may be over-kill for most hotels (unless you are running a 1000 room La Vegas mega-hotel) there is no doubt that some technologies out there really add value to the small/medium sized business and can save many hours labour. How do todays hoteliers take advantage of this though?

We predict that the most important factor for a hotelier is going to become the linking of those technologies so that they don’t work in silos.

In order not to spend countless hours in each technology it is important that they work together as much as possible. This all starts with a hotel’s PMS as it is its core operating system, the hub of a hotel. When you choose your PMS it is therefore vital that key technology is integrated with the PMS.

“At Benson we focus heavily on getting the most useful and productive integrations”

The most relevant integration for any hotel will be a channel manager. At Benson we have integrations with two major channel managers – Siteminder and Staah – and two smaller ones – Nightsbridge and Hospitality Solutions. We also have direct integrations coming shortly with, &

Add to this our existing integrations with and specialist providers File Pounder and Guestrevu and you have the makings of a robust and integrated PMS.

“Our vision is to make Benson the heart of your hotel with the most useful integrations in the industry”

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